When you support the OVM Foundation, you are partnering with us to assure the sustainability and expansion of the CrossRoad and Telos programs, initiatives that are proving to be essential to the wellbeing of individuals, communities, the Orthodox Church and world today.

Our Strategic focus is to:

  1. Sustain CrossRoad to assure its lasting presence in the Orthodox ecosystem of youth and young adult ministry
  2. Expand CrossRoad to new geographies to increase accessibility and impact
  3. Build on the work of the Telos Project to assisting additional parishes, metropolises, and institutions in engaging Orthodox youth and young adults
  4. Build the leadership capacity of CrossRoad alumni

Through focusing on the religious and spiritual lives and landscape of youth and young adults, the OVM Foundation exists to help both individuals and communities discover their vocation and engage in vibrant ministry for the life of the world.

We are honored to have you join our mission!

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